Introducing Twang - Giving Voice to Every Business

September 6, 2022

Envision a world in which we can do more with our voice. Sounds pretty exciting, right? After all, voice is our most powerful “user interface”. But wouldn’t it be great if every business, like your neighborhood grocers, the gym, and FreeNuts airlines, could also provide a complete digitalVoice experience? We certainly think so.

The technology is ripe and almost every home owns a smart speaker, phone, watch, or car. Voice has become an important part of our daily lives, helping us complete increasingly complex tasks and providing real assistance. It is unlocking new audiences and new ways to interact with them.

Consumers Are Asking for Voice, but Brands Have Trouble Delivering

Chatty consumers everywhere are ready to move beyond basic commands to complete voice shopping experiences. In 2021, 45 million Americans used voice applications to shop, an increase of 120% from 2018. The monthly cart spend of online voice shoppers is 16% higher than ‘old-school’ non-Voicers, and according to VCI - 30% of consumers use Voice UI every day. What are they doing? they’re searching, scheduling, ordering, initiating CS calls, and a whole lot more. This is likely to continue since there will soon be more voice assistants than humans on the planet.

Small and medium businesses, however, are struggling to integrate voice technology into their marketing, sales, and service funnels. And it's not their fault, not every business is a Chipotle or Dunkin’Donuts. SMBs simply don't have the time nor budget to partner with a specialist agencies and create a voice experience tailored to their brand.

At the moment there are three major voice platforms - Apple’s Siri, Google, and Amazon’s Alexa. But the tools for developing voice applications on them are very limited and complicated. Creating a delightful customer experience (not just a low usability gimmick) requires an immense investment, and involves creating the whole shebang from scratch instead of capitalizing on existing assets like websites and apps. Implementation is complex, the process is time consuming, and the result demands a lot of maintenance.

Standardized Voice Applications for Every Business and Service

We think it's high time people achieved more with their voice and businesses offered more. Our vision is to give every service on the internet a voice interface–every website, app, device, and API– irrespective of situation or location. A voice interface that allows organizations to engage with their clients in the most natural, simple, and seamless way possible.

So, we built Twang. An extremely powerful no-code / low-code platform that enables any business to transform its existing digital services into highly functional (and exciting) voice applications. Connect, customize, deploy, and monitor - within minutes.

When you think about it, don’t most food businesses have similar functionality? What about consumer products, or health services? Catalogs, purchasing and scheduling, support and FAQs, customer reviews, forms to fill, invoices to get the idea.

We’ve done the heavy lifting and built a standardized easy-to-apply solution. With Twang, you can skip the complex wiring and conversational flow design - it's already built in. Instead, focus your creativity and time on customizing our voice application templates to your unique business, and adding special capabilities that will amaze your users.

Sure, we could name drop the AI and NLP technologies we use. We could boast about the fact that we connect to any API, auto update from your web content and CRM, or that we’re “The Wordpress of Voice”. But we’re here to simplify things for you.

We're excited to see what you build.

Limor & Navot